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If you marry someone who loves Allah, they will fear disobeying Allah and do all they can to please Allah. So you can rest assured that you will be taken care of, because your partner knows your heart was created by Allah.. And they wouldn’t dare break a creation as precious as that. (via allahaljalil)
حاول ان يكون فعلك مطابقا لقولك وسلوكك مطابقا لدعوتك فإذا غلبتك بشريتك وهزمك هواك لحظة لا تيأس وانما استنجد واستصرخ ربك وقل:الغوث يارب يقل:لبيك عبدي و يخرجك بيده من ظلمة نفسك الى نور حضرته”

Try to make your actions harmonious with your words and your behavior the same as what you preach. If your human nature overcomes you and your desire defeats you for a moment, do not despair but ask for help and call to your Lord and say: “Your help, O Lord!” and He will say: “I am here for you, my servant” and He will take you with His hand from the darkness of your soul to the light that comes from being in His presence.

Dr. Mustafa Mahmud

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The worldly body is a prison for the believer, not because this life is miserable for the believing soul, but because that soul yearns to be somewhere greater. It yearns to be Home. No matter how wonderful this life is for a believer, it is a prison compared to the Perfect life that awaits them. This soul’s attachment is to God and the true paradise with Him. It wants to be there. But this worldly life is what keeps that soul from returning—for a while. It is the barrier, the prison.

Yasmin Mogahed

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